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Uson Plast is a Danish company and a leading provider of disposable plastic products for hospitals, health care institutions and laboratories, working also as subcontractors primarily for the medical industry.

Brahe design was appointed to be an integrated part of the Uson Plast development team when designing this unique pocket container for used insulin pen needles.

The collaboration with Brahe design ensured Uson Plast that focus was aimed at usability, a unique and touch friendly design which gives the diabetes patients a positive and experienced value in their daily use of this pocket container “MySharps"

When 25 needels have filled up the container it can simply be locked and thrown away into a waste basket.


Uson Plast

Watch the video and see the simplicity of the disposable container and how it functions.

The product has been selected for the permanent exhibition

"Danish Design Now"

at the

Design Museum Denmark

in Copenhagen

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Selected for the permanent exhibition at the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen