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Glunz & Jensen is the world’s leading supplier of innovative, high quality solutions for the global prepress industry.

Brahe design has been the company’s designpartner in connection with new developments for more than a decade.

One of the products in the iCtP series, the  environmentally friendly PlateWriter™ 3600 Pro, is a space-saving and affordable metal Computer-to-Plate system. It produces press-ready aluminium plates for small newspaper applications.  

The Plate-Writer™ has the lowest energy usage in its class thus eliminating water usage, chemicals and disposal costs.

The company’s largest product areas are plate processors for the offset and flexo printing industry, iCtP plate setters and automation equipment.

Brahe design was assigned to shape the Raptor Thermal sheet processor.

As part of the collaboration Brahe design has made ideas for the graphical user interface for the film- and plate processors and designed a number of  control panels

Machinery for Industry

The logo for the iCtP series, designed by Brahe design.

Creating the product identity and visual appearance Brahe design assisted Glunz & Jensen throughout the development process in bringing about the new series of FlexoProducts which include the FlexPose 520 and the FlexPro 520.

The FlexoProducts were presented at the Drupa Fair 2016 in Düsseldorf

The FlexPose 520 DL is a drum-based, inline LED exposure unit.  With its unique exposure system and the drum allows variable rotation speeds for customized exposure settings.

The FlexPro 520 is a new generation flexo washout processor.  It offers superior performance through automation, saving both time and waste. This processor brings more flexibility and productivity to batch and incremental flexo plate processing

The WaterClean from Glunz & Jensen is a very environmentally-friendly filtration system. It cleans the water in an offset processor so that the water consumption is kept at a minimum.

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