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Food Processing Equipment

Cabinplant International

is world leading within turnkey process equipment for the food industry and focus areas on fish, shellfish, vegetables, berries and convenience foods.

Brahe design assisted Cabinplant in designing this ROBOT TRIMMING AND PACKING LINE. After the internal functional test came out successfully, Brahe design did the ideation for a self supporting cabinet, final design proposal, ending up with a short videoanimation og the machine.

All of the processing steps  are performed in the pick-and-place operation during which a robot transfers individual products from a feeding conveyor into the package.

Brahe design has supported the company for over a decade with design during development of machinery such as their weighing equipment.

The robot trimming and packing line was awarded the danish Product Prize 2011

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Winner of the DIRA Award 2012

KJ    a member of mps

is the world’s leading supplier of turn-key solutions for cutting, deboning, classification, packing, palletizing, transport and storage- and IT-systems for the International meat processing industry.

Brahe design has supported the company for more than a decade with the design of a series of successful machine solutions.  The processing equipment has become recognized all over the world for their clarified user-friendliness and design.

The foil wrapping machine (left) has become one of their best selling products, and our design input certainly lifted the old foil wrapper (far left) into a new age that set standard for the companys food processing equipment.


is an internationally oriented company. With roots in Denmark it operates globally with solutions for even the most local fish species in both fresh water and salt water

Brahe design has supported the company in designing this gutting machine, GUTMASTER 1200,  for trout, mackerel, seabass, seabream, tilapia and other species.

The machine is designed with a focus on high capacity and is very easy to operate.

GEA - CFS Wolfking

was among the first European producers of food processing equipment who decided to integrate industrial design into their product developments.

Brahe Design has assisted the company for ten years with the design of a large number of machines for emulsification and meat grinding.

The equipment enclude the meat grinder and emulsifier which became trendsetting for the company’s future developments.

The slat conveyor is speedy and easy to maintain, thus reducing downtime and maintenance. Easy-to-clean surfaces and FDA approved slat belts make the conveyor a hygienically excellent solution.

The Loin Puller enables automatically a loin to be left with exactly the requested fat thickness, no matter the varying anatomy of different pigs. The derinding capacity is 1.000 loins per hour. It only needs air and electricity supply whem installing.


The design of the Loin Puller makes it easy to overlook and clean, and naturally comply with the highest level of HACCP standards. A touch panel makes operating and adjusting the Loin Puller very easy.